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This entry is going to be a rare treat for you.  I typically write about the Bible, and things of that nature.  Today, I am rambling on about how my next book is a little longer than expected.  Enjoy.


My last book

Today I just finished the book The Courage to be Protestant by David Wells.  It was a good overall, and I will be working on the review next.  The next book I am going to read is called Defending Inerrancy.I picked the book because of importance of the topic, and I also wanted to read something newer on the issue in order to be caught up in all things in the world of theology.

The thing I did not notice until I purchased the book on its release date was the length.  That is the one thing about reading on a Kindle, you really don’t know the size of the book until you download it (honestly you can see how many pages it is before, but usually I focus on what the book is about).  When I start a longer a book it feels like a huge life commitment.  The next few weeks of ny life will be focused on this one book.  It can be a pretty big deal.  It is going to take patience, which I lack.  It will also take time, which I could always use more.  It will also take some diligence.  I can do it.  To me it is easier to read a long book than it is a bad book.  The last bad book I read I did not even finish (it was that bad).  I put it down (or really I just closed the file because I usually read from my Kindle), and read the next book on my list.  It could be worse, and I think I will make it.


Also, this is my first post I did on my phone too.  We got a lot of technology going on around here.

Your thoughts

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