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Tips for Scripture Reading

One of the biggest problems today is Biblical ignorance.  The reason for this is people do not read the Bible.  The Bible is more accessible in US at this time than any other time in our history.  I think many see the Bible as a intimidating book, and there are many things about it we do not understand.  In order to solve this problem we need to simplify the Bible reading process.   Here are some helpful hints:

1) Do shorter blocks at a time
2) Choose a reading plan: start with a short one
3) Have an accountibilty partner
4) Set aside some time for God. I think the morning is the best time, but do what is best for you.

Check out the following link to see more helpful ideas:


-Joe away from home

4 comments on “Tips for Scripture Reading

  1. Aaron G. Prosser
    January 18, 2012

    Great ideas. I would disagree with number 4 though. With how early my son gets up, getting up early enough to get some time with the Bible and be conscious would be difficult. So I do devotions just after he has gone to bed, when the house is being quiet as he falls asleep. I would say rather than do it automatically in the morning, give God part of your best time—whenever that is for you.

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