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Why the Church Needs to Talk More About S-E-X

An issue the church has started to talk about more in the last few years is sex.  For many it is a dirty word that should never be discussed, even within the confines of marriage.  The only time I remember hearing the word mention is in relation to the topic of premarital sex, and we were told don’t do it.  Adultery is bad too.  Often the word “cuddling” is used, or sadly nothing is happening.  Since the church for years has been silent on the issue we have allowed events like the sexual revolution and the characters on the Jersey Shore to show us what a fulfilling relationship should be.  Even though several studies by different groups (Christian and not) have shown us how the a monogamous sexual relationship with one married partner is the most gratifying of them all.

If you did not read the chart above and become shocked at some of the points, then you might need your heart checked. The chart comes from Mark Driscoll’s new book Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together.  Let me just say I have not read the book yet, which does not make me qualified to critique the book or discuss it.  I know some either love it or hate.  Some I think love to hate it.   The research here shows me areas where we are Christians should proclaim victory, and other areas where we need to ask God for help.

Two areas where we need to cheer is where we find that people who get married as virgins are less likely to divorce.  There is a reason why God commands us to keep sex within the confines of marriage, not only are we healthier (less chance of an STD), we are also happier.  The second is Evangelical’s typically have more and better sex.  I know the term Evangelical is thrown around more than a baseball at the all-star game, but it does show that those who at least are followers of Christ by title have healthier sexual relationships.  This shows me that God knows what He is talking about when it comes to sex.

The areas that cause me to alarm is how unfaithful people in America are to their marriages, and how most expedience sex for the first time as a teenager.  The chart shows how 59% of adults say it is okay to have sexual fantasies, and 25% to 50% of people are unfaithful in their marriages.  Jesus said in Matthew that if you just think about sexual thoughts about another person then you have committed adultery.  Then we know that the seventh commandment is “thou shalt not commit adultery” (that’s right, I said it King James style).  We know that more teenagers are having sex now more than ever.  You can blame rap, rock and roll, Teen Nick, or Cosmopolitan, but I think the church needs to blame itself.  Instead of just saying no sex to youth and ending the discussion there; we need our pastors and teachers leading adults to what a healthy sexual relationship looks like in order for them to model to next generation.  We need to step up and instead of following the trend with divorces, lead by example with healthy marriages that brings glory to God.

We need to talk about sex more in the church for two reasons: the church should define what a godly and healthy marriage looks like, and our children and others in the next generation need an example to look up too.

P.S. If you feel the need to comment please avoid comments about Mark Driscoll and his book.  It is the source of the chart only.  Please have your comments focus on the topic at hand.  Thanks…joebeef

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