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Our Sense of Morality is Proof of God’s Existence

The crisis in Syria has caught the attention of the world.  Hundreds of innocent people have been killed by the regimes efforts to try to hold on to power.  The world wants these things to stop.  Several nations have called on the nation of Syria to stop its attempts to consolidate power on the backs of her people.

It is interesting how people will call upon a sense of morality as the reason why we should not do something.  What keeps us as a society from going out and killing each other everyday?  What stops me from breaking into my neighbors car and stealing his stereo?  Why do my kids feel wronged when the other takes a toy away from them?  As human beings we have a built in sense of right and wrong as part of the image of God.  Of course sin has tarnished the image of God on humanity, but parts of His character are still evident within humanity.  Paul Copan recently wrote an article entitled The Moral Argument for God’s Existence.  He said,

That if objective moral values exist, then God exists; objective moral values do exist; therefore, God exists.

God is real because moral values are real.  Right now in western culture we see the base for our moral values eroding.  As others try to replace God as the center of our moral base,  and the result is man not understanding why he has value and moral obligations.

Leaving God out of the picture causes other things to rise up with no way to defend against them.  Two practices that come to mind are homosexuality and abortion.  Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin.  The Bible teaches this.  It teaches how sex is only allowed to be between a married man and women.  Not only is the line in the sand drawn between gay couples, but also heterosexual couples who are not married.  When our moral center (God) is out of the picture life becomes a gray area for some people.  People see life as only something they can hold, touch, and feel.  Some are even taking to a new level focusing on the issue of convenience.  Some chose not to have the child because they can not either afford it, or they do not have the time for it.1

Overall, as Christians we need to remember our Creator is the center of our ethics.

Go here to check out all of Paul Copan’s article:



1Just so everyone knows, I know I barely scratched the surface on these two issues.  They require more in depth research and reading to have a full grasp on them.


One comment on “Our Sense of Morality is Proof of God’s Existence

  1. danielwalldammit
    March 7, 2012

    Wasn’t it C.S. Lewis that first fielded this one? In any event, the assertion that if objective moral values exist God exists could use a little justification.

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