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New Book Time: Why Jesus?

This past Monday I finished the book Defending Inerrancy by Norman Geisler and Bill Roach.  Over all it was a good with a large amount of information packed inside of it.  The goal of the book was to show how a persons view on the nature of Scripture will affect their views about God and doctrine.  Time after time the authors pointed out how a weak view of Scripture brought about a weak view of God.  The authors wrote:

For unless God is all-powerful and all-knowing (including future free choices), the Bible cannot be the infallible and inerrant Word of God. If God cannot err (because he knows everything), and if the Bible is the Word of God, then it is inescapable to conclude that the Bible is without error in everything it affirms.1

I will hopefully be able to write a short review about it soon.

My next reading project is a new book by Ravi Zacharias called Why Jesus?: Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality.  So far so good.  I picked it because the main topic of the book is about the New Age movement, and how it has become mainstream in our culture today.  The author does a great job of painting the picture of why the New Age Movement has become so popular in our day by examining the rise of media.

The world of entertainment has become the most powerful means of propaganda, and the audience is unaware of how much it is being acted upon and manipulated, paying for it not only in cash but in having its dreams stolen.2

He looks at how television was the primary means in which New Age teachers are able to reach people.  Of course now with media available at our finger tips through smart phones; there is now more access to information than ever before.  In the first few chapters of the book, he has examined popular movies, reality TV, 24-hour news, and other forms of media.  I think the main reason why picked this book was because he is going to look at the Oprah phenomenon.  She is considered one of the most powerful and influential people on earth, and several of the things she has said does not line up with the Bible.  I am enjoying the book so far, and I will keep you posted on what I have learned.


1Geisler, Norman L.; Roach, Bill (2012-01-01). Defending Inerrancy (Kindle Locations 5851-5854). Baker Book Group. Kindle Edition.

2Zacharias, Ravi (2012-01-25). Why Jesus?: Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality (p. 6). Hachette Book Group. Kindle Edition.


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