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I know I said I was not going to write on the blog for a while, but I have something I wanted to share wiht you all (no, this is not the reason for my hiatus). 

On New Years my dad asked me to rework his website for the nonprofit he started, KidsnChrist.  I took on the challenge to see if we could remake it in order to bring more attention to the work he is doing in Charlotte, NC.  The purpose of KidsnChrist is to help kids under the age of eighteen to connect with a local church in their area so they can hear the gospel and connect with a mentor.  The kids he typically works with are lower income with parents who are not connected with the church.  He established a club house a few years ago to give the kids a place to connect, hang out, work on homework, and learn more about God’s Word.  One any given Sunday KidsnChrist transports up to 30 kids to church who would not have had a chance to go otherwise.  This is a ministry that not only looks out for felt needs, but works to connect kids with a Savior who loves them.

The ministry is currently looking to expand to reach out to young adults and expand the mentoring program to help train other churches in reaching more kids for Christ.

Work on the site is far from over, and we are hoping to show off more of what KidsnChrist does.  My primary goal was to give it an update and to streamline the content.  I tried to make the site more user friendly for kids and adults.

Go to to check it out.

-Joe away from home


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